Welcome Aboard

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is absolutely normal to be unsure of a certain things (umm, maybe even everything) in life. In fact, it is one of the surest signs that we are still alive.

Don’t we all ponder, almost on a regular basis, on whether or not should I do that thing? read that book? travel to that place? cook that meal? or wear that dress?

How can someone not be intrigued by all the mysteries lying within the infinite expanse between our skies high and the grounds below? You don’t even have to be a philosopher to notice the plethora of unanswered “whys, hows, whats and whens” around us.

However, if none of those queries have ever caught your fancy, which too could be a pretty normal behavior; or if things have always seemed pretty ‘figured out’ in your life, no matter how unlikely a possibility that is – we would like you to solve a quick puzzle.

“Find the tiny ‘x’ symbol towards the top rightmost corner of this screen, click on that (or tap on it if you have a screen that responds to your fingers) and quickly look at your watch.”

“Can you see the magic unfold?”



Still wondering ‘What happened’?

Okay, let me explain it to you. The above exercise was meant to save you some precious time, which, by the way, is the greatest magic trick one can perform today.

Tl;dr: This blogg is not for the absolutely sorted ones like you.

You can leave right now, and in parting, I wouldn’t mind a little gratitude as you happily trod on to the next item of your today’s agenda.

Okay! maybe you should now stop reading ‘this’, unless….

A part of you fears that there is tiny possibility that you aren’t completely the person you thought you were!


You heard that right! It’s because you did not really complete the puzzle we had given you, or else you still wouldn’t be reading ‘this’. So, just in case, you are even mildly curious to explore what just transpired, it may not be such a bad idea for you to continue exploring this blogg. You never know what else you could figure out about yourself!

The rest of the people have already arrived at the right place. This blogg promises neither to use any sorcery, nor even make any attempts to solve the riddles of life and death! Rather we want you to get lost in our love of looking at and doing things in ways, which have generally not been tried by people before.

Thence, without further ado, here comes your safety announcement: “Passengers of this journey are requested to kindly unfasten your seat belts, unsecure your luggages, and leave those table trays astray! Get ready to become Unsure of everything you thought you knew so far. Your search for a different perspective ends here, ‘The’ moment has arrived.”

Take a Leap.. Etiya!

(Translation: Follow this blogg…. Right Now!)

With love and sincerity,

The creators of the Absolutely Unsure Blogg

PS: Let me tell you that it is not a typo when I write blogg instead of blog. Watch out for a future post where I will reveal the mystery behind addition of that extra ‘g’.